on sleep

too tired for dinner
right around her nap time - she beat us to the punch
Big news over here - last three nights Ms. Helena has slept through the night.  The entire night! It is so very amazing!  She moved into our spare bedroom last week and I spent quite a few nights sleeping in the guest bed getting her used to the new situation.  After a few nights we were down to one wake-up somewhere around 3-4 in the morning and that wake up kept getting later and later.  Two days ago it was 7:00 before I heard a peep.  And here I am today at 6:45 - up with Eva and Theo - while Helena is still sound asleep.  

Unfortunately, the big kids are definitely not sleeping through the night.   Sleep has just been so strange for them lately. They have been: super tired in the afternoon- to the point of falling asleep sitting at the kitchen island, super awake at 9:00 at night and bouncing off the walls, begging to go to bed during dinner, waking up in the middle of the night crawling in our bed, sleeping-in so late that they needed to be drug out of bed to get to school on time, up and awake before dawn - ready for the day to get going already.  The time change might have made things 100x's worse - thank you very much daylight savings.

Theo has started sleeping on the bottom bunk under Eva - but some nights he still ends up back in the crib.  Eventually, we will plan to move Helena into the big kids bedroom and have all three sleeping together.  Eva and Theo are excited about getting Helena in the room with them.  I can only imagine the bedtime plotting and planning they will be able to accomplish between the three of them.

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