Our Thanksgiving was good.
Michael worked until the early afternoon on Thursday and had to be back in for an overnight shift later that night.  So we packed up and headed to my parents for lunchtime turkey and filled our bellies.  Then when Michael headed into work, I took the kids to his parents house to see his family and eat a little more turkey goodness.  There were a few family members in town for just for that night that I wanted to make sure the kids saw.

Saturday we headed back to Michael's parents for another round of Thanksgiving and family seeing.  We watched the Buckeyes play, win, and then we all had pie.
Helena loves turkey and loves a house where everyone has plates and is glad to hand her bites.

So this is the only picture I took during the entire Thanksgiving weekend.  
Actually, I didn't even take the photo.  Someone else did and sent it to me. 
But it sums up our Thanksgiving really well.
It was laid back, full of food, family and lots of hanging out.
And seeing those two loving each other makes me incredibly thankful indeed.

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