Waffles are a hit at our house.  Not homemade - although I tried and tried - no the Trader Joe's Multi-grain frozen delights are their favorite.  Maple syrup, peanut butter, and always a winner - Nutella.  For the lat few months however, Theo has been begging for us not to cook them.  Every time we would go to stick them in the toaster, he would be crying out, "No, No please don't cook it!!!"  We never listened, because obviously he has no idea what he is asking for...right?

The onther morning after many pleas and and full out tantrum happened - Michael decided to call his bluff and give him the rock hard frozen waffle for breakfast.

And Theo ate it... happily.  "Yummy!"  He even thanked us.

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Julia Goolia said...

CC LOVES frozen waffles here too, now. Like, really really frozen. So weird! Love that yours do this, too.