A little late

In April, Michael and I went to a wedding...

I am terribly late in posting, and considered letting it pass without an entry - but we had such a great time!  Because of that - and that this blog is for me - late is better than never.

First - there was the mani and pedi.  I must admit - my very first pedi!  Kym at the Crown Plaza in Cleveland is amazing.  We all had the best time and she was the most fun.

First Kiss!

At the reception, people were slow to get the dancing started.  The cutest 10 year old asked me to dance, dance floor empty.  Awww.... I think... how cute... Then once out there - he wants a "dance off" - a competition of sorts.  Well now that everyone is staring, I have to rock it out.  Even though he broke out the inch-worm... I think that experience prevailed - a little cabbage patch and MC Hammer... it was fun!
The new hubby (left) and my hubby (right).

New wife (left) and me.

Back at the hotel - me (in blue) and bride (in jeans and teal shirt) crash a salsa part in the hotel's ballroom.  We received dancing lessons and had a great time.

Our hubbies - plus Nick - sat in the hall way and watched the bride and I dance.  I do have to get my hubby props - he dances with me for 2 songs, before he let the pros show me what to do!

The wedding and reception was held at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  It was amazing and beautiful.

First dance near prehistoric dinosaurs... that symbolizes longevity and the perfection in nature.

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