Out of town

So I have been in Michigan since Sunday - training for work. I work in the electrical industry - in the outside arena. You know all the poles, towers, that criss-cross the country - my trainees build and maintain that system so that you and I can have computers and lights.

It is a pretty male dominated industry. Out of 800 apprentices in our program - we have two females. So at this training session - that incorporates the inside and outside electrical industry, females are out numbered. You know the greatest thing about that... there is never a line at the restroom! Oh, the joys of a growing baby are the frequent and suddenly urgent trips to the restroom. It is hilarious to walk to the hallway and see a line of men waiting and waiting for their turn - and I can walk right in. Not a soul there. All alone and so glad for it.This is the reason for the new urgency... it is the size of a lemon and making its presence - at least internally - very well known. Very excited indeed.

I can't wait to get home and see Michael. I miss home. Hurry, hurry Friday.
PS... I am having to use the hotels one working PC to post... alas the long stretch with no blogging - oh well.

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