The Weekend

Old Navy was having a sale - and as some of my pants are getting a little uncomfortable - I headed out. I found a few pairs that I wouldn't say I loved - but I liked them enough to buy them. The pants were on sale for $25 a pair. I found another brown pair of cargo pants also, but they were non-maternity with a jersey waist and drawstring. I think they will work for maternity pants.
Gray cords
Dark jeans

I have been told by numerous people that I will end up hating the low rise fit. I am not doubting their experience - but I honestly can't stand the fabric that reaches my bra line. This mentality could change as I get bigger - but I have trouble with the belly band and roll it down as low as it can go. My belly button needs air - I am convinced.

Before I went to Old Navy - I shopped a few thrift and consignment stores. Most of the clothes were either wore thread bare or of the bra grazing panel type.

I did find a few things for Deedle. I will post them later this week.

Michael was left Saturday for a bachelor party went to the Brown's opening game on Sunday. He came home this morning - and I can't wait to see him tonight.
Saturday, we finally made it to Northstar Cafe in the Short North for breakfast. Since we moved to Columbus, people have been suggesting we try their morning menu. Saturday was such a beautiful day and it was nice to be up and enjoying it together. It was yummy!


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I'll tell you the same as everyone else. You will hate the low rise, and if you don't BABY will!

I didn't mind them and still try to wear my sweats below the belly, but my baby used to kick really hard where the waistline was until I felt sick and had to take them off. Now he is head down and he responds by digging his little hands into my bladder and shoving his head further into my pelvis. Not to mention this means his feets are going into my ribs. It's really not worth wearing the pants, as soon as I take them off he stops.

Good Luck though!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Great finds! I think my belly button would be claustorphobic (sp?) too! :)

Marisa said...

I was just like you - hated the high waisted maternity pants. then, you learn to love them. :) all the best with your pregnancy.