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Well, since Wednesday, I have been put on bed rest. I went to my doctor's appointment and my blood pressure was really high. Since I have had normal-low blood pressure the entire pregnancy - they were concerned. Then my urinalysis now had some protein. I was put in a room to lay on my side for a while and had my blood pressure rechecked. Still high... but better.

By the time the doctor came in and finally checked me - and told me there was no real change from last week in dilation - and told me the news on the bed rest - I was not doing well. Then she started talking about the induction date of February 3rd and the possibility of having to induce sooner.

I was sent home with a brown jug to collect urine for 24 hours, an order for blood work and a list of what blood pressure to call the nurse and when to go straight to the ER.

I had a breakdown in the parking garage.

Friday - all tests result came back okay. My blood pressure has not been normal - but it hasn't been as high as the office visit. All good news.

I am quite bored at home. I have ran a few errands - nothing that takes me a long time, but for my own sanity - I need to get out of the house. As long as my blood pressure doesn't go up - I think getting out of the house is good for me.

I have worked on the Deedle to-do-list while off and there are only a few things left:

  • clothes 0-3 months washed
  • towels and bath clothes washed
  • blankets and linens washed
  • clothes - 3 to 6 months washed
  • delivery bag packed
  • postpartum bag packed
  • hospital music downloaded and ready
  • house closet cleaning
  • house cabinet and drawer cleaning
  • contact list made
  • car cleaned - detailed cleaning
  • car seat installed - Michael's car and checked
  • car seat installed - my car and checked
  • preregistration at hospital
  • baby book updated
  • new baby book - first 3-5 years - found and purchased
  • baby shower thank you's sent
  • finish "The Happiest Baby on the Block"
  • bra fitting - or just more bras purchased
  • photo session - or just some pictures taken of Michael and I
  • hair cut
  • pedicure - done myself
Not too bad... almost done.

I have been constantly looking for a baby book. Ours ends at birth... so I would like one to keep for the first few years. Some of the books are SO big and I don't want to have so much blanks to fill out - because I know me and I will not complete it all and be disappointed when I don't.

Tomorrow - goal is to clean my car. That way when Michael gets home the car eat can be installed. Take a few more belly shots and a load of laundry... good to go... so lets get moving labor!

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Michelle said...

Pre eclampsia is so scary. When I had to be induced with my son I cried for hours, I think. I was miserable. I have since read that bedrest has no effect on bp. There is a website for pre eclampsia but every time I would go over there it gave me anxiety. Let me know if you want the web address though.

I have the BEST BEST BEST baby book.

Drats, I cant copy and paste.

Go to my blog and type baby book in the search my blog box...it will be the first post.

i love my baby book. It's only a year but covers the year month by month. SO much better than my others.