Little one, you are making mommy very nervous. Tomorrow at our doctor's appointment - they are setting the deadline date.

That will be the day, that if we don't get this labor thing going on our own, that they doctor will be getting it going for us.

I am not super excited about that. It will be great to know that I will have you in my arms not too long after that day - but I want you and I to be ready. I think that if they need to give us drugs - then there is a great chance that we weren't ready yet.

On the other side of that coin, you staying too long can be dangerous, especially for you. So with that in mind, you are going to come out any way I can get you - as long as it keeps you healthy.

Daddy and I installed your car seat in his car over the weekend. It is really nice to see it sitting back there waiting on you. It would be a lot nicer if you were sitting in the seat... but that will happen soon enough.

I get more phone calls a day now than I ever have. Everyone is checking in to see if you are on your way or not. If I don't answer, as I am know not to do, people get worried. Your grandma gets extremely worried. I think she is convinced that you are going to fall out on the floor because I am not going to know I am in labor. Wouldn't that be nice? Be in labor and not even know it!

I know that our time together like this is getting shorter. I am trying to stop and enjoy every little move, kick and moment that we have. I know I will miss having you with me all the time. Now, when I am at work, I can just reach down and rub my belly and know that you are in there, all warm snug and safe. There are going to be many times when I will wish for such comfort.

So I am going to enjoy these last moment of time - and I hope you do too. See you soon.

Love, Mommy

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I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Hope things work out for you! I went in to be induced and my water broke on it's own while I was waiting for a nurse to get me settled in our room. What luck!