Why, oh why do you send an overly pregnant woman emails of your great sale, J. Crew?

Why did I open the email?

Why did I go to the website - just to look around... again?

Why is there this amazing coat - especially when I am currently looking homeless by wearing my husbands coat because all of mine refuse to meet in the middle?

Finally... why this outfit - with the top in sale - that makes me long for a date night with my husband that includes reservations, candle light, bottle of wine?
Do they not know I had to hold my breath this morning to get my shoes on my feet? Do they not know that I sat there and deliberated for 10 minutes on if I was to buy either one - what size I should buy - considering the upgrade in the chest size and post-baby body question? Do they not know how emotional I am these days?

I certainly hope not - because this is torture of the highest kind.

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Summer said...

Ohmyword!!! I need that dress. Like, um....yesterday! lol