Okay, slowly, ever so slowly - you have been letting me know that you are getting ready to be ready to finally meet us.

If this is any indication of your personality, then impatient mommy is going to out numbered by you and daddy. Laid back and steady - what great baby traits to have!

If you kicks, bucks and mini fits during hiccups are the real indicator, then mommy is in for a little her... a planner, a doer and a bit impatient. Ok, ok sometimes more than a bit impatient than just a little.

I am really hoping that you get a little of both. Daddy and I really balance each other out well.

Everyone was afraid you would come early - because that is what I did. I decided I was ready 6 weeks too soon. Once you know your mommy - this isn't too hard to imagine.

Your daddy was a day late - that isn't hard to imagine either. Funny how that works... it might just be a big coincidence, but it is one that I like.

You are so tight in there right now, my belly is permanently lopsided. You have your backside on my left and hands and feet on my right. When you get mad (and kick your little feet and wave your little hands) - you calm down when I rub your back. I can feel your little body so well, it feels like I could just reach out and hold you. I can't wait to do that - hold you and kiss you.

Almost time little one....

Love, Mommy

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