As the Time Ticks Away

To Do List

I made very little progress on the list - but there have been somethings that have popped up in the mean time that were never listed - that needed done as well.

Tonight I will finish up the cleaning. Nesting has really taken hold and I find in quite hilarious how much I love to clean right now. Usually, when I am angry or upset about something - I clean. It is really strange to be completely happy and sorting a drawer. Happy cleaning is kind of nice. Who would have known?

* clothes 0-3 months washed
* clothes 3-6 months washed
* towels and bath clothes washed
* blankets and linens washed
* delivery bag packed
* postpartum bag packed
* hospital music downloaded and ready
* house closet cleaning - in process
* house cabinet and drawer cleaning - in process
* contact list made
* car cleaned - detailed cleaning
* car seat installed - Michael's car and checked
* car seat installed - my car and checked
* preregistration at hospital
* baby book updated
* new baby book - first 3-5 years - found and purchased
* baby shower thank you's sent
* finish "The Happiest Baby on the Block"
* bra fitting - or just more bras purchased
* photo session - or just some pictures taken of Michael and I
* hair cut
* pedicure - done myself

In the last few days, I have felt and seen some changes. Baby has dropped. It dropped overnight - FAST- in the span of 4 hours. I had been woken up by a REALLY strong contraction - and then that morning my belly had a slope at the top and was hanging low. Exciting - yes - but the sudden drop caused another surprise... stretch marks. I had avoided all but two tiny dots - and then later that day - the bottom of my tummy was graced with blue squiggles.

Seriously, what was I thinking... the girl who got stretch marks on my hips at 13 from hitting puberty?? Was I really so optimistic to think I could get away with carrying an entire human without any? Why, YES - YES I DID!

I am not going to lie, it made me cry. Partly because I was so disappointed that I was not going to be one of those women that could say - "Oh, I ate right and didn't gain too much weight and came out on the other side unscathed." The biggest part goes back to that girl at 13 who didn't swim all summer because of all the blue - purple lines that graced my hips. Then I cried harder because I was being so selfish and vain.

On a lighter note - the rocking chair (as seen above) I have been loving for so long has been ordered. It will be a little late on getting here before Deedle - but it will be here soon. The best thing is that I found it cheaper and with free shipping here. I know it is only slightly cheaper - but it makes me feel A LOT better.

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