Eva's Arrival - Part 1

I had been on bed rest due to the high blood pressure since week 38. On January 27th, I had my 39 week appointment. At this point, induction date was February 3rd and I was hoping or nature to take its course before then.

That morning, Michael had noticed my face looking funny. It did feel funny too, but I thought I must have slept weird.

At the doctors office, my blood pressure was high - 144/105. They sent me to the maternity ward for monitoring. Again, this was all a repeat of last week so no big deal. Most disappointing was that I was still dilated to just 3 and still 50% effaced. Same as last week.

Over in the maternity triage - hooked up to monitors - same old thing. Then the resident came in to check me and noticed my face. It did feel worse... numb on the left side. The resident then decided to call the neurologist. Then I was scheduled for a CT scan to rule out am stroke or a brain bleed - just like that.

Luckily Michael had not listened to me when I told him to stay at work and he was pulling into the hospital when I found all of this out. I was freaking out, and I don't know what I would have done without him there.

So after the CT, and a long wait - I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. A condition like carpel tunnel - except in your face. By the time this happened - my smile was crooked and I could close my left eye completely. It was very nice.

So after all of this, and with the blood pressure not going down - my induction was scheduled for the next day. The doctor wanted me to go home and get some rest and be back on Thursday to have our baby. Rest... who was she kidding?!?!

We went home, I double checked my bags, took a long shower, made cookies (burnt half of them because I was all over the place) and Michael and I played Scrabble. He won.

We went to bed at midnight - neither one of us slept. We talked, cried some, were afraid and really excited for the next day.

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