Eva's Arrival - Part 2

So it was induction day...

Michael and I had barely slept, but woke up and went to breakfast. It felt kind of surreal... eating breakfast together, talking about what we are going to order like it was any other day, but it wasn't any other day.

We arrived at the hospital, a little teary and very excited. I started the pitocin at around 9 a.m. All hooked up and monitored.
We played cards, and hung out for a while. I was having contractions before getting the pitocin, but nothing too regular. I was dilated to 3 still. It took a few hours to get things going... but once it started, it really went quickly.
It got uncomfortable in the bed - so I was up and walking in my little 2 foot path my IV and monitors would allow. They were pumping me with fluids, and going to the bathroom was an ordeal of unplugging, wrapping the cords, and then hooking me back up after. The contractions didn't take long to get strong. Here is the one and only picture Michael took of me when the contractions were getting really strong... I forbid him to take anymore.
I was afraid to get an epidural too soon and slow labor down. When the contractions were less than a minute apart, I could not get myself relaxed in between them. I hard a hard time catching my breath. Michael was having a hard time coaching, he almost passed out himself trying to keep me breathing. When I couldn't take it anymore, I got the epidural. What a great little helper that thing is! When I was checked right after, I was happy to know that I was dilated to 6 or 7. A few hours later I was dilated to 10 and started pushing. Pushing was one of the most physical things that I have ever done. It took about 45 minutes of pushing and we were parents.

That moment of seeing her for the first time - I will never forget. It was amazing. I got to see Michael see his baby girl for the first time. Also amazing.
Eva was wide awake the entire time. Michael and I got to spend quite a while bonding with her together. We made the decision to have family wait to visit. At the time, it was a hard decision, but now we are so glad that we saved the first moments for just us - our family.

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