Eva's Arrival - Part 3

So our stay at the hospital was pretty uneventful. My blood pressure remained higher than normal for me, but not high enough to cause alarms.

We spent the time getting to know our new daughter and falling head over heals in love with her at the same time.
Eva and I were learning about how to feed her. It was a lot more difficult than I had imagined it to be. She seemed to be constantly hungry and I worried the entire time about her not eating enough. A visit with the lactation consultant really helped. We went home Saturday January 30th.
Going Home!

Eva's last night in the hospital was the worst and Saturday night - our first night home - was even harder. By Sunday, I was exhausted. That night, I really started to feel bad. I thought it was from all the people visiting and being so tired. I had been supposed to be checking my blood pressure twice a day - but hadn't since we left the hospital the day before. Just as a thought, I had Michael check it around 9 p.m on Sunday. It was 180/110. Not good. A few phone calls to the doctor's office and I was back in the car on the way to the hospital.

I was admitted from the ER and put on magnesium for 24 hours. That was awful. The magnesium made me so weak that I could barely walk to the bathroom. Michael had to hold Eva for me so I could feed her. The good news was that my milk started to come in and Eva could finally get full. If that hadn't had happened - I don't know how we would have made it.
Michael was amazing. He had to take care of me and Eva at the same time. I wasn't allowed to be alone with her, so he couldn't even go and get food without taking her with him.
Going Home - Again!

I was released again on February 2nd. Now armed with blood pressure medication, things have been a lot better.

Eva has been eating and growing. She had gained 4 ounces at her first doctors appointment from her birth weight.
First Doctor's Visit
My Bell's Palsy was its worst the week after she was born. Here is a glimpse of me with half the face numb.
I look like Popeye! I figure this will be great to laugh at later. The last few days, the feeling has returned FINALLY... and so has my smile!!

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Michelle said...

NO, you still look beautiful. you dont look like you just gave birth.

Beautiful daughter too!!!

How are you feeling these days? How is the nursing going? do you like it?