Valentine's Day and Weekend

This week was a very long one. It was my first week alone with Eva all day. We had snow, my car was buried all week. And it is snowing again today!

Michael had his first fellowship interview and Thursday night he had dinner with some of the interviewers and then had an ALL day interview on Friday. His day started with breakfast and he was in the spotlight through the end of the day. He was exhausted by the time he made it home on Friday. It was a long two days for him and for me. By Saturday, I was at my limit and I think he could tell - so I went on my first outing - ALONE.

It was just a trip to Target, but I was out of the house for the first time since Monday! It was the most scatter brained trip I have ever made. I couldn't keep my list straight, and I kept thinking about Eva.

For Valentine's Day, we spent the day at home. Michael's parents came over and we tried a new pizza place with them. Since moving to Columbus, Michael and I have had a run of bad luck in the pizza department. We tried Tommy's - and it is the first keeper we have found.

Michael went nuts this year and got me one of these...
I can't wait to cook with it. My grandma made soups, roasts and applesauce in her pan all the time. Homemade apple sauce sounds so good right now. Yumm

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