My Collection

So, a while back I had written about how I ditched the boring, earth tones in the kitchen.

I have been collecting bright, happy table ware for a while now. It has been a slowly building collection. Some from thrift stores, and others from antique stores. Because I am not looking for a set, even at the antique stores, the pieces are pretty cheap.
I paid a dollar or two for most, one exception was the blue plate - it was a splurge at $6 - but worth it. I love the edging. Then there is this little orange saucer... how charming.
I love that they are all different. I am torn between hanging them on the wall, or leaving them in the cabinet so I can use them. One day, as my collection grows I will get to do both. I dream of a table set with all mismatched, happy, cheerful plates.


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I am jealous. That is such a great idea, I bet it looks wonderful. Those plates are really neat. My kitchen and dining room and living room are all black and white - I guess I could add a color to it, but the idea scares me lol.

Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea. Are these plates a specific brand....or just random colorful plates? I'm so useless when it comes to creativity or decorating...but I think I'm stealing this idea.