One Year Ago

One year ago, on Valentine's Day, Michael and I took a trip to Chicago. It was spur of the moment. I believe that we decided to go on Thursday and left on Friday. There was debate on if we felt like driving, and where to stay while there - debate that lasted all of a few minutes. Once the debate was over - we were packed in under 15 minutes and headed out.
Wow... how life can change in one year. Today we made plans to go to the grocery. I actually had made plans to go during the day but the 9 inches snow delayed these plans until Michael came home. My car doors were even frozen shut. It is hard to dig out a car in the apartments parking lot with a 3 week old.

It took us about 20 minutes to get Eva ready to go. So, on our way to the grocery, we made the spur of the moment decision to stop at the nearby shoe store. Michael needed a pair of dress shoes. There was quite a lengthy debate on if we had time to do both the shoe store and the grocery before Eva's next feed. What a change in a year!

I would not change it for the world - not one single thing.

Speaking of our world - she is tired so time for bed...
This was part of Mama Kat's Wednesday Writing Assignment.

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Amber Page Writes said...

She's adorable. Isn't it amazing how much more planning going anywhere takes when you've got a baby in the house, isn't it?