Back to business

Eva is all better, illnesses gone...

so mail is properly scattered across the floor and 
the bookshelves are being demolished as I quickly type.

I guess I had been spared the torture of teething through Eva's first 6 or so teeth.  
They drooled their way in with minor complaints.

Whatever is going on inside her mouth right now is quite a different beast.
It is not pretty.
It is evil.

Eva cries and cries.
She doesn't want me to put her down, but she doesn't want held either.
That is interesting to see... up, down, up, down.
 She will scream out of no where...
holding her mouth and looking so very sad.

We are up at night too.
She just kind of lays in my arms and grumbles.
We rock and I sing and rub her back.

Hurry up teeth and quit the torture of the innocents.

In between the very little napping and the interrupted sleep
I am trying to get a Christmas gift all sewn up.

It will be a quilt for my dad.
I have been cutting today and I hope to get some stitches laid before I hit the bed tonight.
There is a history behind the quilt, but I will save for later.
I have some books and mail to put back.


Heidi said...

Poor beeb, maybe those big back grinders coming in?

Can't wait to see your finished quilt and hear the story.

Anonymous said...

She's tooo cute. I feel ya on the mail though! I don't know why they can't leave it on the table!