EB feet pool web.jpg
juice box web.jpg
EB juice box.jpg
AC EB pool web.jpg

nothing says it better than baby pools, juice boxes and friends.
We are soaking up the last bits on a little holiday.
forest, lake, trails and a cabin.

First family trip as a foursome.
Big smile.


tinajo said...

Oh my goodness - look at them in their bathing suits, too cute! :-)

Olivia Grace said...

These photos are just precious!!

Adrienne said...

very, very cute. and VERY nice...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the cabin by the lake!

Heidi said...

Love little tushies in tiny bathing suits. Hope you enjoyed your mug of wine, friend. xoxo

Keetha Broyles said...

Where did you get that orange plastic holder for the Capri Sun style drinks???

I NEED one of those for Fisherhubby! He LOVES those in grape and he makes sticky purple messes EVERYWHERE with them.


I keep HOPING he'll mature beyond 14, but so far no luck.