5 Months

TB 5 mo 1 web.jpg
5 months Mr. Theodore...

or I should say Mr. Personality.

You laugh out loud a lot.
You have a deep, gruff, old man chuckle.
It is hilarious coming from your little body.

You mix that with squeals.
An exceeding loud, screeching squeal.
So loud, I get nervous that you will wake your sister.

You are so determined that 5:00 a.m. is wake up time.
I have stopped trying to convince you back to sleep.
We usually head to the basement for a load of laundry.

There, I get big huge gummy smiles.
You can squeal and yell as loud as you want.
And the rest of the house can stay asleep.
(and my laundry is staying caught up!)

TB 5 mo 2 web.jpg
You are almost sitting up.
I don't think you care to though.
You much rather be held.

Little man, we finally rounded the corner this last month.
You are chunking right up and I am feeling so much better.
Your multiple chins and (c)ankle rolls make me so happy.

I know we are a long way from sleeping through the night.
You eat once, some times twice and still wake up before the sun.

TB 5 mo 4 web.psd

But to brag on you a bit, you are a great napper.
Once your tired, I can give you your paci and just lay you in your bed.
You snuggle your blankie and close your eyes.  Lights out.

I am so looking forward to these holidays with you and our family of four.
I am pretty sure you are going to get a few tastes big people food tomorrow...
I am already planning on sharing a bite of my pumpkin pie.

TB 5 mo 3 web.jpg

Happy five months Theodore!


MommaBBabyboy said...

I posted Joshua's five month update just yesterday! He's not at all interested in siting either - he just rolls over onto his tummy! Silly babies! Theodore is absolutely gorgeous, and you're like supermom getting up at 5am! It's so fun to watch them grow! Xxx

Emily S said...

That smile! Happy 5 months!

Adrienne said...

All sorts of milestones around your place! Love these shots - and this peek into your world with this little guy. My baby boy had quite the sense of humor - from the get go! Wait til the babbling begins!!!

Julia said...

My babe is also SO not interested in motor milestones, preferring to be held. I happily oblige most of the times. :)

His eyes are stunning! Love him.

Amy said...

that big grin is killing me! yay for five months of growth and bulking up and finding your groove as a family of 4. :)