It is official.
We no longer have a toddler.
She is a preschooler now.

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was her first day.
They kinda had to kick me out.  Politely.

Bye Mommy! Be Good!
Eva instructed me as I shuffled out.

I sat in the parking lot.
Checked my phone a bazillion times.
Fed Theodore.
Finally, I drove a block away.
Bought a coffee.
Sat in a different parking lot.
Checked the phone some more.
Got a teeny bit emotional.
Held Theodore until he fell asleep.
Watched cars drive by.
Counted down the minutes.

I told Theodore that he didn't have to grow up as fast as his sister.
He drooled on me...
 so I think that is him agreeing.

I was the first parent in the parking lot at pick up time.
Over a half an hour early.
I felt super silly.

I picked up the happiest little girl in the world.
She gave me a mini-tour and asked me if she could stay.
Then there was her first art project.

turkey pinecone craft

Cradled between her hands...
Here mommy, its for you. My porcupine. It has glue!
Already missing one googily eye.

As of dinner time last night, that turkey porcupine has no eyes.
Mommy, I put the eyeball in my belly!

That is a fact.
My grow-up preschool Eva ate it. 


tinajo said...

Awww, big day for all of you! She sure looks proud and happy! :-)

And eating an eyeball - well, that´s just as it should be, haha! :-)

Stephanie said...

Look how big she looks! What a cutie!

The first day Avery was in preschool I drove home and cried. And then I blogged about it and cried some more. : ) It's so hard to watch them get bigger!

Julia said...

Hahaha. Eating an eyeball is an epic way to celebrate her preschool days! What a sweet post. Hugs, mama.

Nikki said...

That is a tough thing. I always have a hard time at the beginning of the school year. She's going to LOVE every minute of it.