Their Day

I am sitting on the porch, looking at the ocean and listening for a sleeping Theodore to wake.
Everyone else is down at the beach, playing in the ocean.
Things can't get much better.


The only thing I can think of to make today better....
would be for a Goggy and Poppy to be here.
Grandmas and grandpas at the beach would be awesome.

I really miss my parents on days when things just can't get much better this.

So many times in their lives, things could have been better.
They gave up a lot, sacrificed things and worked really, really hard all the time.
Michael's parents too - had less so now we could have more.

Just so their kids wouldn't have to work as hard or give up so much...
so we could have a day like today.

I don't think Eva and Theodore will be able to say that we sacrificed like that for them.
There isn't much Michael and I have had to give up to make their lives great.
We don't have to work as hard.

But I will never stop telling them that their grandparents did.
All the things they did for us... 
and now really for them.

Because on wonderful days like today...
having them here would be the only thing that it would take to make it completely perfect.

Happy Grandparents Day.

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Adrienne said...

Such a tender expression of love, respect and gratitude. Your joy in the living of this day is their joy as well ~ be sure of that!