five years

That is how long you have been with us Miss Eva.  

Really five years and nine months if you count the "Deedle Days" into the equation.  But those are so hard to count. You were in there growing, too busy making new cells to make the impression that would soon come.  You are our whole life, making us parents, and teaching us more than we could ever teach you.  

You have a fierceness and fire.  Your conviction and determination are a force.  At the same time you are quiet and gentle.  The idea of a big birthday party sounded fun but made you a ball of nervousness.  It took a few rounds of "Happy Birthday" from your family and Goggy and Poppy to get you loosened up.  On the third round, you said you were ready to smile.  All that attention made my fiery girl nervous and shy. 

This time of your life, I think we will look back on as the "Clothing Negotiation Era" of your life.   Dressing is a battle in the morning and for bed.  You stash your favorite clothing (tutus, nightgowns and a few other essentials like newborn headbands or spiderman gloves) in drawers and cabinets throughout the house so you can fix you attire as soon as you get home (or when no one is looking.)

You amaze us, humble us, improve us, and make us sublimely happy.
You rock our world Miss Eva. 

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Julia Goolia said...

precious girl, loved this. Happy birthday!!