one third

Helena Ann
 Yesterday you were four months old.

Miss Lena: your big brother's nickname has officially stuck.  He just can't/won't take time to say your whole name - he is a busy guy.

Wow! How blurry those first few months were.  I feel like we have rounded the corner and you are coming into your own.  With a big personality and big blue eyes, we have left behind the lumpy newborn-ness and became all roundness and cheeky smiles.

You are sleeping better and eating on a sorta schedule. As the queen of spit-ups, there are usually random spots where it sneaks out and splatters on the floor in every room.  Last night was the start of your first cold - not the greatest milestone.  The big ones are all coughy, feverish and yuck, but I had hoped to sneak you through it like we have all the other rounds this winter.  Not so lucky this time.

That big sister and big brother of yours love the heck out of ya.  They beg to hold, kiss, sing you songs and play with you.  At your first whimpers, they are yelling for me.  "Lena needs you mommy!" Eva loves to undress you - socks and long sleeves are usually the victims of her anti-clothing assaults.  Theo tried to pull/push/drag you up on the couch with them from the floor a few days ago.  They wanted you up with them to read stories.  You just looked at him while he worked on you.  No worries. He was trying so hard and I think you appreciated all his efforts.   I walked in on the scene just in time to be able to say - no damage done.

Our little Hellcat is also a nickname that is sticking.  (Sweet huh?) When you're really unhappy - you sound like a cat - more feral than tabby.  Yelling, hissing and growling at us.  It is so fast, loud and furious, then it will be over.  "Getting hellcatted" is being the lucky recipient of such a fit.   Full of spunk and fire you are little one.
We just had the amazing pleasure of hearing you laugh - a really good belly laugh. You had been handing out little chuckles here and there. Obviously you are not one to be easily amused.  It took your brother and grandpa to get at your funny bone.  It must be hidden deep.  You seem to be a little old soul.  Always watching and thinking - usually with your hands clasped.  Even though you can't form a strong set of syllables yet - let alone a series of words - I think you are going to be witty and wise.

Happy 1/3 Birthday sweet girl.
All our love.


Adrienne said...

There's a lot of magic here...these sweet children will be so blessed to carry these words with them throughout their lives!

Julia Goolia said...

What a sweet heart, she is really becoming her own little person. Love when it sort of starts to feel more like a routine with a baby---less like a blur (but still blurry, of course).