I am not what you would consider a decorator.  

Don't get me wrong, I love looking at beautiful rooms and drooling over well designed furniture and beautiful artwork.  I can imagine my finished rooms and me living in them. But when it comes to finding the pieces and making the purchases - I fail.  It is time consuming and until I am 100% sure I love it (or 90% sure and it is on major sale) I just can 't follow through.

It doesn't help me that the kids love to draw on the couch and use our side tables for amazing Donkey Kong reenactments.  At any moment our TV stand can become a Broadway stage and Mt. Everest for stranded climbers.  We have miles and miles of wall space and so many empty corners.  In fact we want to ditch our huge TV stand, but that would make the room even emptier - so it stays. 

Eva has taken notice of the problem and started decorating our walls.  This little doodler is always making art and hanging them all around our house.  The installation with the cut out hearts she named "Lots of Love" and is in our bedroom.  I am really thinking it should be permanent - because I am 200% sure I will love it forever.

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Carri said...

Love your tv stand and all the different roles it plays: especially as a stage!